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2007 Board of Directors

Bareback Riding
Chance Vick


Saddle Bronc Riding
Brent Smith


Bull Riding
Bret Griffin


Calf Roping
Troy Gorrell


Forty & Over Calf Roping
Mark Hobbs


Break Away Roping
Jennifer Sells


Steer Wrestling
Clint Hamaker


Barrel Racing
Angela McGraw


Team Roping
Scott Gray


Contract Acts
Larry Gregory


Stock Contractors
Barry Wright


2007 URA Finals Rodeo
November 1-3
Kansas Expocentre, Topeka, KS

Featuring the top 15 contestants in each
of the URA's nine standard events.

To view results and round recaps, click on the links for each go-round. Results and recaps will be posted after each performance.

1st Round - Thursday, Nov. 1
2nd Round - Friday, Nov. 2
3rd Round - Saturday, Nov. 3

Finals Average Results

Finals Photographer -
Christina Calliham, Good Ol Days Photography -- 573-680-5087

2007 URA Finals Rodeo Schedule

Wednesday, Oct. 31st
7 p.m.         All calves will be run through and tied.
Thursday, Nov. 1st
9 a.m.         All Stock has to be on grounds
10 a.m       Meeting with all directors, stock contractors and finals personnel
Noon           Queen Luncheon
6:30 p.m.    Event meetings for all contestants with their directors
7:30 p.m.    First performance - Family Night
Friday, Nov 2nd
8:30 a.m.     Sponsors and directors breakfast
10 a.m.       Stock contractors and directors meeting
followed by directors meeting
3-5 p.m.      Exceptional Rodeo
7:30 p.m.    Second Performance - Military Appreciation Night
Saturday, Nov. 3rd
9 a.m.         General Membership meeting at arena
1:00 p.m.    Judging Clinic
7:30 p.m.    Third performance - Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night ($1 from every ticket sold to a person wearing pink will be donated to the NE Kansas Race Against Breast Cancer and the Shawnee County Breast Cancer Awareness Committee)
Awards to follow third performance

The following rule changes will be voted on at the general membership meeting Nov. 3, 2007.

1. Change Membership and Dues, rule 1, page 6.
Delete All membership cards will be purchased through the U.R.A. office, new memberships, renewals of memberships which have lapsed, and renewals forwarded to the U.R.A. office by a rodeo secretary will become effective as of the postmark on the envelope. Points will count only if the card purchase date is on or before the entry date of a rodeo. 
Change rule to read:  Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors and approved by majority vote of those members in good standing at the annual Fall General Membership meeting. (adding) Cards will be dated effective the date they are received in the U.R.A. office unless they are sent in with rodeo results, they will then be dated the date of the first performance of that rodeo.
Submitted by:  Regan McKellips

2. Under general rough stock rules:
add 17.  All persons opening chute gates in rough stock events shall be members of the Association and/or approved by an event director or director in a co-approving association. Contestants may choose own gate man that is not a member of the association if he feels assigned gateman is not qualified or experienced enough.
Submitted by Joel Harbin

3. Rule change in steer wrestling: 
1.  Length of the barrier equals depth of the dogging box less six (6) fee, barrier shall not exceed one foot per each seven yards (21 feet) of arena length, unless so authorized by a Director. Maximum of twelve (12) feet and a minimum of five (5) feet. All boxes must have an enclosed back.
Note:  This only affects short arenas less than 220 feet and gives everyone a more fair chance to catch an animal.
Submitted by Joel Harbin

4. Proposed rule change to Payoff: 
Change payoff from being based on number of contestants to:  Amount of prize money in purse including added money minus association and judges fees, stock charge, etc…

Proposed payoff scale:

$100-$249       Pay 2 monies (60, 40%)
$250-$499       Pay 3 monies (50, 30, 20%)
$500-$999       Pay 4 monies (40, 30, 20, 10%)
$1000-$1799   pay 5 monies (30, 25, 20, 25, 10%)
$1800-$2600   pay 6 monies (29, 24, 19, 14, 9, 5%)
$2601 or more pay 8 monies (26,20,15,12,10,8,6,3%)

This proposed change would not affect the average payoff at most events. Events with less than 9 contestants and $200 added would see a change of 1 placing (3 instead of 2). This would also even out the payoff if you have $500 added money and only 6 contestants From paying 2 places at                                                         1st        $498
                                                            2nd        $332
To paying out 4 places at                      1st        $332
                                                            2nd        $249
                                                            3rd        $166
                                                            4th        $83
Submitted by Joel Harbin

5. In rough stock events:  
Add;  Any rodeo that has less than 10 contestants in a rough stock event will get two head of stock “Back to Back” in the same performance. There can be a “Back to Back with best score.” The best score of the 2 rides is paid with normal entry fee.
Or “Back to Back average” where the entry fee is doubled and 2 go rounds an an average is paid.
The contractor or committee will advertise which type of Back to Back will be used.
The stock contractor or committee will list the possibility of “Back to Back” in the rodeo listings. A contestant will have 24 hours after books close to call back whether there is a “Back to Back”.
Justification:  To have more rough stock in performances at rodeos, and possible increase earnings of rough stock contestants.
Submitted by :  Ron Bever

6. Slack after:
If the total number of contestants in slack after is equal or more than the total number of contestants in all events during a rodeo performance the slack will be considered the same as designated slack and day money and judges fees will be paid as in designated slack.
Justification:  To encourage more designated slacks at times that might benefit contestants. Maybe reduce the number of late night slacks at a one performance rodeo, and make payment for judges and day money more equitable.
Submitted by :  Ron Bever

7. Judges evaluation by top 15 contestants in events at finals
A simple evaluation sheet to be completed by the top 15 in each event at the Finals and Association Contractors of all judges on the association approved list just prior to or during the finals. The evaluation would be shared with each individual judge, the judges director and the Board.
The evaluation would include a simple rating system and evaluate: Bareback event,  Saddle Bronc event, Bull Riding event, Flagging each timed event, judging the score line in each timed event and setting up and flagging the barrel race.
Justification:  To improve URA judges and find areas that might need improvement by individual judges or all judges.
Submitted by :  Ron Bever

8. Proposed Rule Changes:
All proposed rule changes should be run in at least one newsletter before they are voted on by the Board or membership.
Justification:  This will allow all members the opportunity to give input and vote with time to evaluate the change prior to the vote.
Submitted by :  Ron Bever

9. Steer Wrestling first:
The Steer Wrestling should be the first timed event.
Justification:  Because some ground conditions and set ups can cause holes or bad footing for the steer wrestler after calf roping, break away, barrel racing or even team roping that could cause the increased likelihood of hurting a knee, foot, or leg. This is just a safety concern.
Submitted by :  Ron Bever

10. “Run” open calf roping and Over 40 calf roping as separate events.
This means a section of open calf roping and a separate section of Over 40 calf roping..
Justification:  Because we allow a contestant to enter both this will allow a split. In case there may be 2 separate pens of cattle for a more even draw. It makes the crowd more aware of the difference in the 2 roping events.
Submitted by :  Ron Bever

11. Recognize the timed event stock awards separately:
The URA recognizes the timed event stock awards separately each event: open calf roping, over 40 calf roping, steer wrestling, breakaway and team roping, instead of giving out one award for best timed event cattle.
Justification:  This give more recognition to stock contractors. It encourages the best in all timed event stock and allows the award to be more representative of all timed events.
Submitted by :  Ron Bever

12.  Do not allow calf ropers to enter the open and the forty and over calf roping at the same rodeo.
Submitted by: Barry Wright

13.  Add:  A calf roper should not be disqualified for taking his rope off the calf when his horse walks up and over the rope. The rope will not train on his horse.
Submitted by:  Bill Stahmer

14:  Change Over Forty Calf Roping:  The age should be changed from 40 to 45 years old.
Justification:  Too many PRCA contestants are over 40 now and working or roping the event. There should not be any PRCA contestants working the over 40 or 45.
Submitted by:  Bill Stahmer

15:  Add:  Any director missing two or more meetings in one year without family emergency or sickness will have to pay their alternate the money for attending the meeting.
Submitted by: Dave Cannon

16.  Change Pg. 22, Rule 1:  All judges and flagman at a URA first approved rodeo must be URA approved judges and must hold current URA membership.
Delete from the rule: At least one judge must hold URA membership at a co-approved rodeo.
Submitted by Larry Gregory

17.  Change Pg. 22, Rule 1A to read:  Persons must take a URA judging test and pass it each year to be an approved judge and attend URA judging clinic annually. The test will be give at the clinic.
Delete from the rule: except for judges covered in the other part of this rules. Experienced judges of five years or more with continued URA membership will be exempt from attending judging clinics. Every three years the board will review the experienced judges to determine continued eligibility.
Submitted by: Larry Gregory

18.  In the timed events (except the barrel racing) time to the hundredths then round to the nearest tenth. Example: 10.57 would become 10.6 and 10.52 would become 10.6.
submitted by:  Larry Holt

19.  In the Calf roping and the Forty and Over Calf Roping, the judge must show the stopwatch to the contestant at the request of the contestant.
submitted by: Mike Glover

20.  In the Steer Wrestling and in the Team Roping, allowed one hazer, not over 25 feet in front of the box.
            a. A Hazer on the line must not come in physical contact with or throw any object(s) at the steer under penalty of disqualification of the roper.
            b: This is same hazer rule in the Calf roping and the Forty and over Calf Roping, with the same wording.
submitted by: Mike Glover

21.  If entry is taken after close of books or after positions are drawn, that entry must go to the top of the list, except for the Barrel Racing.
submitted by: Mike Glover

22. Minutes from board meetings to be published in next newsletter.
submitted by: Mike Glover

23. If fireworks are going to be shot before, during, or after a rodeo it must be posted with the draw when and where they will be shot.
submitted by: Jana Hazelbaker

24. Add:  Proposed rules pertaining to a specific event can only be voted on by contestants of that event.
Justification: Allowing only contestants of the specific event to vote on a proposed rule will allow those impacted by the rule to have the majority say. This will allow better and more applicable event specific rules.
submitted by: Mark Driskell

25.  Entry Fees should be lower on rodeos with $300 added and more.
They are too high especially on $500-700 added money rodeos. I think the fees are up and down too much. (Example $50-$79). A comparison would be to the ACRAs or other associations. Fees on a $500-750 ACRA rodeo are $55 straight across.
submitted by: Rick Morgan

26. Payoff proposal for steer wrestling:  lower payoff scale per entries especially between 10-20 and 21-30: Example 11-20 should pay four holes and 21-30 pay five holes with $400 to $750 added rodeos.
submitted by: Rick Morgan

27. Change pg. 16, rule 1: Change to read for all timed events only (leave the rough stock events separate) 1. Entry fees in ALL timed events shall be according to added money in the following scale:
            up to $275 added -    $40 entry fee
            $276 - $499 added -    $50 entry fee
            $500 – and up added -            $60 entry fee
submitted by: Missy Bennett

Miss URA 2007

Lacey Glover

Carbondale, Kansas

Lacey was crowned Miss URA 2007 at the 2006 Finals Rodeo in Columbia, Mo.
To read about her travels this year, visit Lacey on the web at www.missunitedrodeo.com.
For information about Lacey's activities during the 2007 Finals, click here.
Amy Hudlemeyer of Gallatin, MO, will be Miss URA 2008, and will accept the crown early in 2008.
For more information about Lacey and Amy, or to schedule an appearance, contact Clara at 785-836-7795 or ctinc1@sbcglobal.net.

2007 Finals Personnel

Mark Ficken, Boonville, MO
Regan McKellips, Raymore, MO
Chris Berry, Adrian, MO
Tenysa Wright, Lucas, IA
Pick-up Men
Cody Wright, Woodburn, IA
Mike Flattery, Morvia, IA
Brandon Brazier, Bowling Green, MO
Andy Thompson, Auburn, IA
Tad Pole Dennis, Green Castle, MO
Rough Stock
Ron McGee, Yates Center, KS
Brian Schaufler, Holden, MO
Flag Field Judge
Larry Gregory, Adrian, MO

2007 Finals Stock Contractors
Buffington Rodeo Co., Hermosa, S.D.
CR McKellips Rodeo Co., Raymore, MO
D Bar D Rodeo Co., Elsberry, MO
Great Plains Rodeo Co., Corydon, IA
Heartland Rodeo Co., Downing, MO
Rite N Gear Rodeo Co., Lucas, IA
Six Crowns Rodeo Co., Lincoln, MO

2007 Finals Event Sponsors

Barrel Racing
McGraw Fertilizer
Roy Frey Western

Bull Riding
Annie’s Accents
Kansas Expocentre

Steer Wrestling
Rite N. Gear Rodeo Co.
Heartland Rodeo Co.

Saddle Bronc Riding
Rite N Gear Rodeo Co.

Bareback Riding
Lenox Rodeo Committee

Team Roping
Ed Kester, DVM
Meriden Animal Clinic
Longhorn Ranch Trailer Sales/Bloomer Trailers

Calf Roping
Midwest Roper Supply
Holton Trailer Sales

Over 40 Calf Roping
Mark's Mobile Glass

Breakaway Roping
Cryin’ Creek Leather
Sunshine ‘S’ Trailer Sales
Wright Family Trailer Sales
Mark’s Mobile Glass
C-R-McKellips Rodeo Co.
Rocking Arrow Cattle Co.
Orschlens, Shenandoah, IA
Shelter Insurance, Savannah, MO




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